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The Mount Dora V.I.P. Card

Discounts. Special Offers. Incentives. And more!

With the WhatToDoInMtDora V.I.P. Card, you are eligible for valuable savings from participating merchants in and around Mount Dora. Some merchants offer a percentage off purchases, while others offer different incentives and offers for cardholders.

Contact individual merchants to find out what their specific offer includes.

There are two ways to get yourWhatToDoInMtDora V.I.P. Card.

Please choose the option that best suits your needs:

  1. GOOD: Open the HTML page, print it, and create your own V.I.P. card.

  2. BETTER: Open the PDF document, print it, and create your own V.I.P. card. [Requires Adobe Reader.]

Whichever option you choose, you are eligible to receive valuable incentives from participating merchants, just for carrying and showing your WhatToDoInMtDora V.I.P. Card.


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