Palm Island Boardwalk

Located at the end of Liberty Avenue and south of Tremain Street on Lake Dora, this 8-acre natural preservation area offers 3 picnic pavilions, nature trails and a wood boardwalk winding through a wooded nature area boasting of native trees and plants. Additionally a long section of the boardwalk extends into and along the shoreline of Lake Dora offering tremendous views of the water and opportunities to spot an American Alligator and other wildlife. Click here for directions.




A unique way to enjoy the Palm Island Boardwalk is on a guided tour via Segway Personal Transport with Glide Adventure Tours that takes you off-road and through Palm Island and onto the boardwalk. This tour is one of Mount Dora’s top-rated activity and #2 ranked tour on Trip Advisor with 5 star reviews from nearly 750 previous guests.


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