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Once known as ‘The Antique Capital of the South,’ Mount Dora has become a popular destination for visitors from all over the world. You may certainly find antiques in downtown but they are no longer as prominent as in past years. Now downtown Mount Dora has a wide array of shopping opportunities. Mount Dora is host to a number of specialty shops offering a range of products that are unique and hard to find. Take a stroll of our historic, downtown streets and see for yourself all that Mount Dora has to offer. Mount Dora’s shopping is unique, fun, and a barrel of laughs. If you stop and talk to the shop owners of Mount Dora, you’ll soon find as many stories as to how they got started in shop keeping as you find people. The stories of how they chose their wares can be equally as fun and fascinating. While one might not spend such conversational time elsewhere in their daily lives or shopping trips, to do so in Mount Dora can be a journey of new friendships and charming people. Mount Dora is that kind of town. Here then are some of the fun and unique places you can shop in town, and in turn, meet and get to know the people behind the store or just shop and enjoy what’s on tap for taking hope treasures.

Julianne’s Coastal Cottage for a Key West kind of flare and a must see shop featuring Kermit’s Key West Lime Pie on a Stick.

Under the Cherry Blossoms for inspirational and handmade items by local artists.

Whispering Winds where you will find an ever-growing collection of items from an eclectic inventory of wonderful. That is what Mount Dora is all about: treasuring the past, living in the present, and making memories to be treasured and remembered for a lifetime. Take a short walk through historic downtown Mount Dora and visit all of the featured gift shops below.

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